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                              School Motto and History

Core Values

  • To inspire each child to seek to maximise their potential, academically and socially, and to provide them with the education to do so, acquiring skills for independence that will enable them to become valued members of society.
  • To ensure that the highest standards of learning and teaching are central to everything we do.
  • To be a school where children and staff are happy, valued and safe.

The Values in Action

  • We operate as a team, using flexible, innovative teaching methods promoting learning that is both challenging and fun.
  • We assure that we encompass good practices and apply common sense in order that we can best encourage children and colleagues to maximise their potential.
  • We ensure that our knowledge of the curriculum is comprehensive, which allows us to encourage creativity through learning.
  • We deliver a curriculum that is relevant in today's society, always encouraging personal, moral, physical and social development; constantly raising self-esteem through learning.
  • We listen and endeavour to communicate effectively with our whole community.
  • We have high expectations of everyone in the school community
       Esse Quam Videri: To be, rather than to seem to be













This is the motto of the Colleton family. It appears on our school logo as an endorsement of our individual approach to education and the unique needs of each child.

Descendants of the Colleton family, Lady Elizabeth and Mr Alan Godsal, generously agreed to the school using the motto.

In 1818 Charles Garth Colleton helped to found the Hurst and Ruscombe National School (now converted to private houses). He was the major local landowner who had inherited the Haines Hill Estate from his cousin, James Colleton, in 1790. The land on which the school is built, as well as much of the land on which our pupils' houses rest, was part of the Haines Hill Estate.

Colleton Drive had already been named after the family when we opened in 1973 and our governors decided to maintain the connection by naming the school 'The Colleton'.

Our building is specifically designed for the way we work. The design has evolved over the last 30 years and continues to be developed today, indeed we are currently extending the building ready for September 2013.  All these improvements help to build an exciting and stimulating learning environment.