The Colleton Parent Teacher Association (CPTA) 


What is the CPTA?

The CSA is The Colleton School’s parent association. Parent teacher associations are usually an organisation of parents and teachers whose aim is to promote closer relations amongst everyone, raise money to improve educational facilities and support the school.

All parents, grandparents and guardians of children at The Colleton are automatically members of the CSA, and remain so for as long as they wish.

What’s the point of the CPTA?

Our role is to bring pupils, parents and staff together with fun and rewarding events for the whole school community, raising money to add to our children’s learning.

Joining the CPTA is also a way to get to know other parents and to involve yourself in your child’s school life.

Wokingham Borough Council is the lowest funded borough in the UK.  It means the funds raised by the CPTA are crucial in providing additional resources to enhance the children’s experience at The Colleton.


What events does the CPTA organise?


  • Christmas Fair
  • Summer Fair
  • School Disco, 3 x per year
  • Film Night, 3 x per year
  • Bake Sales, 3 x per year
  • Quiz Nights
  • Easter Egg Hunt


What happens to the money raised by the CPTA?

The money we raise is used to provide extras at the school, the ‘fun things’ that make learning even more interesting and exciting and benefit our children.

For example over the last few years we have funded:

  • Playground equipment
  • Refurbishment of the library
  • New sports equipment & kit
  • Multimedia projector system for the hall
  • Programmable robots for Older Team
  • Digital cameras
  • Compasses for Middle & Older Team
  • T-shirts for the Choir

We work with the teaching staff who have a wish list of items they would like to purchase for the school.  We review all requests for funds and then vote as a committee on how to allocate the money.  Anyone who attends a CPTA meeting has the option to vote.

In addition, at The Colleton we are extremely fortunate to have our own heated, outdoor swimming pool. This pool was built by the parents of the school and is funded and maintained solely by the CPTA. All our children have swimming lessons weekly during the summer term and for some, it is the only experience of swimming they get, while for all of them it is a very worthwhile part of their development.  You can find out more about the pool here in the Community Section of this website.

The pool is also open for leisure swimming during the summer afternoons, weekends and holidays and many families make use of it.