The Governors of The Colleton School

At The Colleton we pride ourselves on the strength of our team approach. Together with the staff, parents and children, the governors are an integral part of that team. We all work very hard to make the school a place offering an excellent academic and social education for our children.

The governors meet together for a full Governing Body meeting twice a term. The governors reflect the whole school approach in that we are very 'open' and welcome input and comments from parents. Whilst at times we have to make difficult decisions which may not please everyone, we will always endeavour to explain the reasoning behind those decisions and we are willing to talk to any of our parents.

To divide our workload we operate a committee system - Finance and Staffing, Curriculum and Sites & Buildings. These committees meet at least once a term, their work being self-evident.

The governors would encourage you to visit the school to see it in operation and we look forward to your children joining The Colleton to enjoy a long, happy and successful partnership.

If you are interested in the work that Governors do, please visit the Wokingham Council Website which gives lots of information about Governors and their part in school life.

Details about our Governors can be found in the tabs above.